My Journey - by Aaron

 My amazing Journey with Shine Coaching- By Aaron


I started my journey with Shine back in October of 2020 with a brilliant coach called Caroline. The reason I was referred to Shine in the first instance was because the month prior, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD for short, a condition which effects the way a person can feel and think, the main symptoms being emotional instability and a rapid change between moods. These rapid changes in emotions and feelings can happen within minutes of each other. Other symptoms can include a strong feeling of emptiness with no apparent cause, and a sense of not knowing who you are.


I had suffered with the condition without knowing, along with a diagnosis of generalised anxiety and depression since around the age of 13. My main cause of my instability at the time was work. I had a run in with my line manager at work due to me having a previous absence due to mental illness and stress. My manager was consistently on my back about performance and one day I became overcome with anger and swore at him, this put my job on the line, and I was facing dismissal. But with Caroline, she helped me understand other people's perspectives, which helped me come to an understanding with him, ultimately saving my job and creating a better understanding for both of us.


I did not really think about other people's point of view until Shine reached out to me. I started to understand why I feel the emotions I do. Caroline didn't pressure me with certain techniques, instead she guided my understanding of my emotions and how they all have a purpose. It was important to understand these feelings so I can accept them, and with accepting them came a sense of clarity and control which I have not had in years. We explored my goals which helped give me a sense of future and belonging.


Since my sessions have ended, I have had less conflict in work and my personal life too! The best feeling of all is having an understanding of my anger and other emotions, which helped give me life back and made me much more at ease living with BPD. So, thank you Shine and Caroline for genuinely changing my life and for to continue working with me even after my sessions have ended.


For anyone on the fence about referring themselves to Shine, please do it, as you will not regret it, and ultimately you might discover something new inside!





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