Raising Funds Together for Men's Health

Walking together with the Hakim Group, Darwen and joined by our volunteers, Talk Ourselves Well, friends & family on our Movember....November Walk, on International Men's Day.  The sun was shining, and we were grateful for our get together for a walk & talk. Men's health supported by a dedicated campaign by teams at Hakim Group & Shine Coaching. Great success for Move of Movember...... We have smashed out fundraising target of £200.00 to date which is now at £413.00 Thank you so much for all of our kind donations.  If want to donate, please click here: Crowdfunding to support our volunteers with activities to help support other men in their communities on JustGiving  

Shine Outdoors Grows


By Paul - To start living your life today

When the world gets you down Feeling like you want to drown  Begin to float to the waters edge And pull yourself up on the ledge  Life is not always easy The weather is not always breezy But the sunshine shines on you  Because of the wonderful things you do You may not feel like staying afloat But you deserve to be sailing on that boat To start living your life today  Looking straight ahead And putting the past to bed Feeling stronger by the hour For getting the power  To succeed in what you want to do  Because I believe in you 

Shine Outdoors is Growing...

  Our plan to work and coach in nature is starting to grow... We have nurtured the idea of working in nature, for the well being of men. The idea was to train our volunteers and coaches in working with people in nature, to re- establish our connection with nature to support well being.  Through recent training with NatureWell we have gained a level 2 qualification in Nature & Health Facilitation. This will enable us to facilitate courses in the outdoors. With a collaboration with CIC Wild Wood Days we will soon be offering a group outdoors for men in Brinscall.   A place to talk, have a brew, learn how nature can help you feel well. How well do you feel when you have been in nature? #shineoutdoors

Fundraising with PT Marcus Morris -

Image Walk 1 --- 3 Peaks Challenge 2022

“focusing on the moment, not the monsters that may or may not be up ahead"

 The Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus wrote, nearly 2000 years ago, “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid” which perfectly sums up how I felt when I first put pen to paper on 27th April 2020.   After reading Ryan Holiday’s book ‘The obstacle is the way’ I picked up the Daily Stoic journal, which poses a question each day and gives you space to write a morning and evening reflection.   In the UK we were into the first covid 19 lockdown when I started writing. I was feeling stupid and foolish, not because anybody else was going to read what I wrote but because I assumed journaling was going to be pointless, that it wouldn’t help and I’d get bored after a couple of days.   Reflecting on that first morning: “How long does praise last anyway”  I wrote:   “Praise doesn’t last long when it comes from others, because it is forgotten as soon as it’s said, due to life moving on. Praise that stays is built from within and moulded over time with refl

Christmas mental health help

  By HRM Hypnotherapy  Healing• Relaxation • Mediation   Christmas Mental Health Help   The media touts this perfect ideal Christmas time, where everyone is in harmony, smiling, happy and togetherness is bliss. Presents under the tree, logs on the fire and mistletoe hanging around to catch true love. The aroma of turkey and chestnuts and everyone breaking into song!  We all know the reality can be quite different.  Many clients tell me of their reality of Christmas and it’s a far cry from the what we see on social media posts perfectly posed for and retaken, filtered and edited for the image they want to perceive.  Some issues people truly face at Christmas as: Family triggers  Alcohol Drugs Loneliness Poverty Anxiety Arguments And many many more non picture perfect of who is fighting with who! You feel like you have to push through it, maybe it will be ok this year but the agonising and cripling worry and distress is just too much for some. Families falling apart, depression, anxiety