Healing is Green . .

  Ecotherapy – Healing is Green Mankind’s relationship with nature is a long and tumultuous one. For millennia, we were one and the same, a symbiotic relationship where we would give and take in equilibrium. However, as man evolved, as did its greed for more -  more food, more space, more dominion. The transition from co-dependency to co-destruction culminated during the industrial revolution, with man and nature becoming separate entities entirely. Nature was, at this point, merely a resource for humans. Fast forward to the present day and we can see nature fighting back. From 1900 to 2000, the human population increased four-fold, from 1.6 billion to 6 billion. In 21 years, this has risen by another 1.6 billion, and the problems of this growth and expansion are becoming ever clearer. Climate change, natural disasters, Covid-19 – nature simply cannot cope with the strain we are putting on it. What’s more, humans are not thriving as expected. Mental health concerns continue to rise,

Aerospace worker turned life around with anger management coaching

Our first press release!  Read the full link here and please share, Lee Blacklidge from Darwen has overcome his anger since the first lockdown with the help of Shine Coaching. The aerospace worker is now advocating for more men to come forward and recognise when they should get help to control their anger. Mr Blacklidge was going through a tough in his life. He said: “It was feedback from friends and family because they said they didn’t know which person they would get that day and I did not want to get like that and upset them. “I come from a generation where you do not talk about things like your feelings and it takes courage. “I have had anger issues for my whole life, but I did not think it was a problem, so I just went with it. As I got older, I realised I couldn’t carry on like that and get defensive when people told me I was angry all the time.” Shine Coaching listened to what was happening in his life and gave him the advice and mentoring to change. He sa

My Journey - by Aaron

  My amazing Journey with Shine Coaching- By Aaron   I started my journey with Shine back in October of 2020 with a brilliant coach called Caroline. The reason I was referred to Shine in the first instance was because the month prior, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD for short, a condition which effects the way a person can feel and think, the main symptoms being emotional instability and a rapid change between moods. These rapid changes in emotions and feelings can happen within minutes of each other. Other symptoms can include a strong feeling of emptiness with no apparent cause, and a sense of not knowing who you are.   I had suffered with the condition without knowing, along with a diagnosis of generalised anxiety and depression since around the age of 13. My main cause of my instability at the time was work. I had a run in with my line manager at work due to me having a previous absence due to mental illness and stress. My manager was consistently on my

Five thoughts to think about By Simon Cafferty

  Five thoughts to think about By Simon Cafferty During the first lockdown of March 2020 I found my passion for reading again and it was all sparked by a book called The Obstacle is the Way, by American author Ryan Holiday. The book is about the timeless art of turning trials in triumph and has a huge base in the philosophy of Stoicism.   Reading the book led me on a path to reading more about the Stoic’s and to begin journaling each day, which allows me to start and end my days reflecting on different thoughts, looking inside myself for wisdom and having a safe place to explore my feelings. I am someone who would keep everything bottled up, so having somewhere to write about the highs, lows and everything in between of life has been very refreshing.   Stoicism was founded by Zeno of Citium around 300bc and is best summed up by What is   “Stoicism, or Stoic philosophy, is a philosophy of personal ethics and a methodology for seeking practical wisdom in li

Jake: My Story!

Jake: My Story! S o here goes, Hi my name is Jake and I was a client for shine coaching. So if you are wondering if coaching is for you I would 10000% recommend Shine not just because they’re local to me but because of the service they offer for men. I can describe the service in many words but the most important way to describe my experience would be AMAZING. Anna, My coach was not only understanding but very friendly and welcomed me in such a way I felt comfortable. We had 6 sessions total in which we covered a multitude of things from a circle of life to one of my new favourite techniques called anchoring (I'll get onto that soon). We drew a table with 4 legs and I had to write on the table something I thought was true but wasn’t. Then I was asked to give four reasons why this wasn’t true, each reason breaking a table leg till the table collapsed therefore showing me that what I originally thought was true was not actually true and I had just been grasping this false negative

The last 1 for 2020!

The one when I interview Lee. The last one for 2020!  Lee is now one of our volunteers. Thank you Lee for being a voice to other men and for sharing your story. You can listen to it here. Thanks,  Shine Coaching  

Honesty... during PT Marcus Morris.

  Please take a look at this clip, a taste of our first video from the blog for Shine Coaching.  May I introduce, Personal Trainer Marcus Morris.  Thank you Marcus for your sharing your knowledge and honesty, this is a clip of his interview. Listen to the full interview here and the full video is to follow.  This may relate to you.. If you have any questions  please get in touch, we'd like to hear from you.  Shine Coaching Team