“focusing on the moment, not the monsters that may or may not be up ahead"

 The Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus wrote, nearly 2000 years ago, “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid” which perfectly sums up how I felt when I first put pen to paper on 27th April 2020.   After reading Ryan Holiday’s book ‘The obstacle is the way’ I picked up the Daily Stoic journal, which poses a question each day and gives you space to write a morning and evening reflection.   In the UK we were into the first covid 19 lockdown when I started writing. I was feeling stupid and foolish, not because anybody else was going to read what I wrote but because I assumed journaling was going to be pointless, that it wouldn’t help and I’d get bored after a couple of days.   Reflecting on that first morning: “How long does praise last anyway”  I wrote:   “Praise doesn’t last long when it comes from others, because it is forgotten as soon as it’s said, due to life moving on. Praise that stays is built from within and moulded over time with refl

Christmas mental health help

  By HRM Hypnotherapy  Healing• Relaxation • Mediation   Christmas Mental Health Help   The media touts this perfect ideal Christmas time, where everyone is in harmony, smiling, happy and togetherness is bliss. Presents under the tree, logs on the fire and mistletoe hanging around to catch true love. The aroma of turkey and chestnuts and everyone breaking into song!  We all know the reality can be quite different.  Many clients tell me of their reality of Christmas and it’s a far cry from the what we see on social media posts perfectly posed for and retaken, filtered and edited for the image they want to perceive.  Some issues people truly face at Christmas as: Family triggers  Alcohol Drugs Loneliness Poverty Anxiety Arguments And many many more non picture perfect of who is fighting with who! You feel like you have to push through it, maybe it will be ok this year but the agonising and cripling worry and distress is just too much for some. Families falling apart, depression, anxiety

My anger goes back to my childhood

    My anger goes back my childhood we moved about a lot two infant schools, four junior schools and three secondary schools, also sent to child phycologist to see if he could help, I was expelled from one school for fighting. All through this my learning disability was missed. Dyslexia. Up until the coaching I had counselling for depression and the marriage breakup in fact anger has left to more breakups as well as job losses, and trouble with the police, not once drink related. ·          I believe the help and coaching could be of use in Prisons to curb anger for the violent ones not all prisoners but some. ·          I believe I have turned a corner, I know some people fear the angry me but to be honest more a blessing than a curse. I feel my next stage is seeing how I get on when we return to the real world before Covid 19. ·          Ignorant people will still bug me and I believe I can find a way round that. ·          I will avoid relationships with controllers and ones with na

Issues created by the mind

Opening the mind to hypnotherapy On the surface, the idea of hypnotherapy may be rather daunting to some, after all, the word is a portmanteau of hypnosis and therapy. I was acutely aware of the stigmas attached to both of these as I attended my preliminary info session. Naturally, as the session progressed, questions were asked about the whole hypnotherapy process. How does it work? How do you do it? What are the risks? Of course, these questions were welcomed, as they likely had been many times before, and answered with clarity and poise. I gained a lot from this one session, and  any concerns were quickly shaken. The hypnotherapist explained, in detail, how the process works, and how it helps to amend issues created by the mind.  Getting to know the client, their thought process, and how that leads to certain actions seemed to be a significant aspect of hypnotherapy, and by actively partaking in these sessions, concerns such as a ddiction, phobia,  or trauma, can be traced, covered,

A lasting Impression

  Hi my name is Pete I was referred into shine by Mindsmatter. It was the best decision I ever made to complete the journey with my coach.    The program really helped me and the people I love the most (my family) really noticed a difference in my character.    I have more interest in doing things. I am less anxious and overwhelmed.    The work that I completed through engaging with my coach has left a lasting impression on me and my family.   Many thanks to you and your team you do a brilliant job.

Embracing the Winter Blues

  Embracing the Winter Blues As we reach mid-September, summer is giving way to autumn. The nights are drawing in earlier; the sun’s shine is far less fierce; the green verdure is giving way to an array of crisp orange. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas – for some, the change in seasons signals that we are approaching the most wonderful time of the year. For many others, however, this sentiment is far from the truth. Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately abbreviated to SAD, is perhaps more commonly known by its epithet – the Winter Blues. Whilst many rejoice at the thought of frosty nights and hearty meals, many others fear the reappearance of their SAD. As of writing, there’s no known cause of SAD, but many researchers concur that it’s an amalgamation of changes that can leave a person feeling overwhelmed. Less sunlight, changes to your body clock, or simply an increased level of stress, these are all hypothesized reasons for the disorder. Regardless of the cause, SAD is a very

Healing is Green . .

  Ecotherapy – Healing is Green Mankind’s relationship with nature is a long and tumultuous one. For millennia, we were one and the same, a symbiotic relationship where we would give and take in equilibrium. However, as man evolved, as did its greed for more -  more food, more space, more dominion. The transition from co-dependency to co-destruction culminated during the industrial revolution, with man and nature becoming separate entities entirely. Nature was, at this point, merely a resource for humans. Fast forward to the present day and we can see nature fighting back. From 1900 to 2000, the human population increased four-fold, from 1.6 billion to 6 billion. In 21 years, this has risen by another 1.6 billion, and the problems of this growth and expansion are becoming ever clearer. Climate change, natural disasters, Covid-19 – nature simply cannot cope with the strain we are putting on it. What’s more, humans are not thriving as expected. Mental health concerns continue to rise,