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Please listen to our first podcast with Hasan Sidat Senior Operational Manager for Recovery & ResilienceLancashire Care & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust
Staying Positive Whilst Working from Home in a Pandemic...
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Change Your Habits, Change your life!

This piece has been written for our Shine Blog by Life Coach - Stacy Murphy Do you ever feel like you’re doing things against your own better judgement?Like you’re sick of making the choices you keep making? Smoking, drinking, drugs, binge eating; choices keeping you stuck where you are rather than where you’d like to be?Do you get annoyed at yourself afterwards – why did I do that AGAIN?It can feel like two different versions of you: one wanting change, one clinging to old habits.Sound familiar? This is actually great news.It means a part of you wants to change.Here are 5 ways to help this part of you get stronger – change your habits, change your life!1.Small hinges swing big doors.Choose ONE thing you want to change and start there.When you have that nailed move on to the next.2.Get clear on ‘who’ you want to be. Write it down (don’t skip this part!).Think ‘if I were that version of myself right now what choice would I make?’. Every choice is like casting a vote for who you want to…

Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity I recently had a realisation that I had always been hard on myself.  I did a lot of reflecting in lockdown and due to certain current life events combined with approaching middle age this was quite a turning point.I appreciate being part of a group called Men Hear, details below.   In our group we recently discussed how society had an impact upon us, the collective feeling was that we feel we cant be open & honest and open about our feelings for fear of judgment.  This is a collective feeling in the group that society has an impact and that starts from an early age; it starts with being a boy and being directed into doing ‘boys’ things.  And of course the big one is that when we are upset that boys shouldn’t cry.  Being upset and being angry are natural emotions and we shouldn’t be shying away from them & yet our upbringing stifles this emotion. As I aged I felt the pressure to be a bread winner in the family home & there was a substantial amount of decis…

I have a lot of anger issues because I felt so useless and defenceless as a kid

Coming up to 3 months ago I tried taking my own life on a Wednesday night, on the Friday morning one of my mates asks me to play for his team and I can honestly say this is one of the things that is keeping me mentally healthy and it's now a top priority in my life. My early years - at 18 I found out the reason I'd been having this same nightmare 3 or 4 times a week sometimes more was because when I was 3 years old I was beaten by a 'guardian' of mine. This nightmare was so scary for me I would wet the bed until I was 11. I know this has affected me badly and I probably don't know just how bad but I think I have a lot of anger issues because of this because I felt so useless and defenceless as a kid.

When I was 22 I started lifting weights and reading about training and 'doing it properly' and after doing it for almost 2 years I signed up to compete in powerlifting. One guy had said that I was really nervous all of the time and powerlifting allowed me to rel…

Let's counteract the negatives

Before receiving coaching from shine coaching, I had a very poor tolerance for others and would find myself getting frustrated very easily.  I would also struggle controlling my temper when I got angry and struggled to relax afterwards.  Since receiving this coaching, I am now able to identify issues in myself and address them in the right manor to benefit not only myself but the people around me too. Shine coaching don't solely focus on your negatives but they focus on your positive characteristics too and encourage you to apply them to counteract the negatives that you are being coached on! This coaching has benefited me so much and has established a great foundation to improve upon myself and control my frustration in the future. I would recommend this coaching to anyone who is dealing with similar issues and others that I have not mentioned. Thanks so much everyone!

It's all about covid - 19

At Shine Coaching we are here to support our local communities during the pandemic of Covid-19.

Feelings of anxiety may be heightened during this time and this can lead to anger and frustration. This is normal. 

Why not try these quick techniques when it gets heated?

·Go get your shoes on and get outside; a walk or run to clear the air is proven to reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress. 

·Connect; make that phone call, send that text, not everyone likes to look at themselves on video.

·Eat, sleep, pray… yes, just like the movie… take the opportunity to cook for yourself, try home made food…get at least 6 hours sleep and get in touch with your spiritual side, take some time out for self-care. See below for some free stuff during COVID-19.

Read the facts here and look after your own physical and mental health. 

NHS Guideline

If you are working read the government guidance

Free Yoga

Cooking from scratch

This is a big step to putting my focus onto something positive...

"Shine has delivered a professional service from the very start of my journey with them. I've received weekly telephone consultations to help with my anger issues, and to also try and pin point the root triggers of what causes my anger in the first place. 

I was aiming to reduce these outbursts, and I can happily say I don't feel as stressed/ angry as often as I did. I must say it has given me hope that I can kick my anger in the butt and it has also put a positive outlook on my life in general. Before taking these sessions I seemed to focus more on all of the negative things happening in my life where as now I'm trying to see things in a different way completely, and using the steps/ guides I've learnt through shine to help control my anger in the process .

One of my triggers was recognised to be my 'workplace' which I guess is the same for many people, luckily for me my shine coach has pushed me to create my travel blog with my partner, my coach has he…