Testimonial - Shine Coaching

I've found the coaching techniques to cope with anger really really good.  I´ve tried many and now use them often, especially t he singing a song in my head, walking away from conflict before the anger takes over, and the Chad technique visualisation.  I now cope much better when I feel angry. It´s been a pleasure speaking to my coach, who has made me feel comfortable throughout. I've really enjoyed that the focus has been on coaching and making progress quickly, rather than exploring the past in a Freudian psychology manner.

Men and their Children - Walk and Talk commencing January 20th (3rd Saturday of every month)

It would be great to see you and your family and extended family for our monthly walk and talk...

November 2023 UNITY WALK

November Unity Walk with friends, family and pets .... Beautiful day

Hakim Group and Shine Coaching Join Forces for November Fundraising Walk to Support Men's Mental Health

  Hakim Group and Shine Coaching Join Forces for November Fundraising Walk to Support Men's Mental Health   This November, Hakim Group, is teaming up with Shine Coaching for a month-long fundraising walk to raise awareness and funds for men's mental health, health, and suicide awareness. The initiative, encourages HGHQ team members to take part in a walking/running challenge throughout November, with the collective goal of covering over 500 miles as a team.   The collaboration with Shine Coaching, a local CIC based in Lancashire, aims to provide support and resolution for men struggling with stress, anger, and conflict in their daily lives. The funds raised will be directed towards Shine Coaching's initiatives and activities, specifically benefiting the volunteers who play a crucial role in making a positive impact on the community.   Shine Coaching offers one-to-one guidance coaching with dedicated coaches, providing a free, accessible, personal, and flexible service. Thei

Great Walk & Talks from the Chai Centre - Autumn Walks

The benefits of walking in nature seem to be endless. Every year researchers are finding more evidence that nature and walking have significant improvements on your mental and physical health.  Research published by  reveals that walking in nature eases mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and SAD – seasonal affective disorder.  If you want to join us; please email

"I don't get angry anymore or let it get the better of me" Antonymous quote which should be shared

Shine Coaching has had such a positive impact in my life, I'm going to miss it. Talking through things and hearing a different perspective has made things just click for me, thank you for everything.  Before when I didn't agree with something I had to argue every point, while now I've learnt to let go of things that don't matter. I can say confidently now that I´m not an angry person, I know that now.   My priorities have changed, I was selfish before, now I want to focus on my kids and being a better person. I don't get angry anymore or let it get the better of me, I'm staying strong, I know what I want and I'm going to get it. Before I would have reacted to this with intimidating behaviour. Now I know my path, I won´t be deviating from it.

I did not think it would help at all but thought no harm in trying!

If you feel your emotional management is getting out of control, take a read of  Mohammed Munir' feedback on his experiences when working with Shine Coaching.  " I contacted Shine Coaching to help with my anger issues, I was very quickly allocated a coach called Gill,  at first I did not think it would help at all but thought no harm in trying!  Gill is a fanta stic coach and made me feel very comfortable and listened to the issues and helped me figure out what was actually causing me to have anger issues and learn how to avoid them or even just remain calm as it always isn't avoidable, my work colleagues and family started to notice the difference and even began asking how I was doing it, remaining so calm!  I introduced them too numerous techniques Gill had taught me such as 5 to 1 breathing or the Chad technique.  Now I see my work colleagues using these  techniques everyday as well as using them myself, I am so glad I had these coaching sessions they have changed me to