Taking Note of Mindfulness...what can you do about it?

Taking Notice With Mindfulness...
Many times you may have heard yourself or someone close to you stating ‘Hey I have anger issues’ and maybe that’s that.But what exactly can be done with anger?I am sure anger has it’s place and feeling angry about situations is of course acceptable.But what about the instances that causes anger to bubble over into a reaction.A reaction that causes upset, further arguments, stress and even physical symptoms within the body. How exactly is this managed or even more so taken care of?

Anger over time if not addressed can become a habit, a habit of mind that grows over years of learned behaviours from childhood to acting out on in adulthood.And yet there does come a time when you realise that anger is simply not serving you.Your anger is taking the lead in your life.Causing upset for you, and those around you.

Life becomes your anger.

What is it that actually fuels your anger?And what can you do about it?
Mindfulness may be just the tonic.Mindfulness is quite t…
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