Jake: My Story!

Jake: My Story!

So here goes, Hi my name is Jake and I was a client for shine coaching. So if you are wondering if coaching is for you I would 10000% recommend Shine not just because they’re local to me but because of the service they offer for men. I can describe the service in many words but the most important way to describe my experience would be AMAZING. Anna, My coach was not only understanding but very friendly and welcomed me in such a way I felt comfortable. We had 6 sessions total in which we covered a multitude of things from a circle of life to one of my new favourite techniques called anchoring (I'll get onto that soon). We drew a table with 4 legs and I had to write on the table something I thought was true but wasn’t. Then I was asked to give four reasons why this wasn’t true, each reason breaking a table leg till the table collapsed therefore showing me that what I originally thought was true was not actually true and I had just been grasping this false negative thought for far to long!. Now this was only the tip of the Iceberg. Anna was there for me every single day no matter what, I was pushed and pushed to get there and I got there. I really cannot thank Anna and Shine for everything that they have taught me and helped me to achieve my goal of not becoming the man I once was and having the capability to stay calm in stressful situations, I had a few wobbles but Anna was there and assured and supported me. I no longer struggle with conflict and agitation in my daily life and as Anna said it was me who achieved the goal but without her I never would have had the tools to cope.

Anchoring was one of the main strategies that really really helped me to get into a more relaxed mindset that not only motivated me to push my boundaries but made me feel capable of pursuing my dreams and not only did it help me it showed me I am not alone in this journey we call life and that no matter how dark or gloomy our days become we will always get through it and show our selves how amazing and powerful we are. So once again thank you to everyone at Shine Coaching and Anna for making me this person I never thought I would become!  


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