Aerospace worker turned life around with anger management coaching

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Lee Blacklidge from Darwen has overcome his anger since the first lockdown with the help of Shine Coaching.

The aerospace worker is now advocating for more men to come forward and recognise when they should get help to control their anger.

Mr Blacklidge was going through a tough in his life. He said: “It was feedback from friends and family because they said they didn’t know which person they would get that day and I did not want to get like that and upset them.

“I come from a generation where you do not talk about things like your feelings and it takes courage.

“I have had anger issues for my whole life, but I did not think it was a problem, so I just went with it. As I got older, I realised I couldn’t carry on like that and get defensive when people told me I was angry all the time.”

Shine Coaching listened to what was happening in his life and gave him the advice and mentoring to change.

He said: “Especially in lockdown because I could not see my friends at the pub or to football games and I had enough and did not want to be that person anymore.

Mr Blacklidge said: “After the sessions, I noticed a difference in myself as I felt more confidence and in control of how I was reacting.

“I feel happy again and a better person.”

For the past 5 years, together with a team of freelance coaches, Shine Coaching have worked with 500 men to reduce their anger and change negative behaviours, by challenging ingrained habits and thought patterns.

They offer one-to-one guidance coaching over the phone with a dedicated coach.

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